FKT: Anne Pike - AT through Shenandoah National Park (VA) - 2020-08-18

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Almost a week post AT adventure and I'm still overwhelmed! Hard to sum up in a few sentences but here goes... 

I started out at Rockfish Gap on Friday 8/7/2020 at 7.46am, the trail starts out with a fairly technical section before things become a little smoother. I had planned a number of places along the route that I would meet my crew to restock nutrition, switch socks / shoes etc. The first day I ran mostly solo but had company for some short sections. I planned to try and get a couple of hours sleep the first night, unfortunately missing my crew right at the planned sleep stop meant the first main stop was delayed an extra hour or so, (at approx mile 70). This first stop ended up being longer than planned so the second day got off to a much later start than hoped. I reached the turnaround at 522 at 21:50 8/8/2020 (38hrs04min from start). I continued back to Compton gap where I then took another sleep stop (approx mile 113). By the end of my third day I reached Mill Prong trail at Milam Gap shortly before midnight 8/9/2020 (approx mile 155). The final push started right around 4am 8/10/2020 until I reached Rockfish Gap at 3.37am 8/11/2020. As time progressed through the weekend I was joined more by friends excited to do some miles with me.

I managed to keep my Suunto 9 battery charged well throughout until unfortunately the battery died right down at around mile 200! As soon as I was able to get it back on charge I continued the last miles with it charging as I moved. Very dissapointingly when I came to upload the data, only the last few miles were saved (uploaded above) and not the prior 200!! I have tried retrieving the data but unfortunately Suunto are not able to do this for me. I had also used a Gamin InReach mini which has recorded most of the data but also seems to be missing around 75 miles worth. I hope that with all of the photo evidence with timelines as well as the data I do have will suffice to be able to verify my completion of the entire route.