FKT: Anthony Alston - Mount Perry (CA) - 2021-11-04

Route variation
up & down
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Start date
Finish date
Total time
1h 41m 41s

Camped at Furnace Creek Wash Rd. for a few days to try balancing retention of altitude acclimatization/recovery/picking the least windy day.

Basic breakfast of coffee, one caffeinated ClifBar, muffin, and a gel. Took 500mL of water along, mostly to make digesting a second gel at the 40:00 mark a little easier. Opted out of poles to save on weight, and figured I'd be stowing/unsheathing them too often anyway due to the undulating nature of the ridge.

Really glad to have scouted the route earlier in the year; the first time, I got faked-out by the false summit(s). Eased up through the talus and took a break at the register before somehow managing negavite splits on the return; guess that kick at the end made all the difference.