FKT: Anthony Brungard - Tour of Myrtle Beach - 2023-06-02

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2h 51m 18s

Hello, Anthony Brungard here. This morning I ran the Myrtle Beach Tour. This route is familiar to me as part of it I use on my training runs, and most of it off used by the Myrtle Beach Marathon which I have completed three times. I brought my Camelback which was enough for the whole run, and also 4 salt pills which I used all and two gu’s but only used one. I started at the corner of Harrelson and Robert Grissom Parkway and went the direction the route showed. There were many busy road crossings including 2 highway crossings (501 and 17). At the north end it cuts down to the beach and goes South along the beach on Ocean Boulevard. It jumps on the boardwalk where I missed the turn and had to track back maybe half block. Once ocean boulevard ends it circled back to the airport where I started at. Weather was perfect 68F degrees although humidity was high. Fun run!!