Route: Tour of Myrtle Beach

Submitted by Nick Shiach on Mon, 03/14/2022 - 12:36am
South Carolina, US
23.6 mi
Vertical Gain
170 ft

This 23.6-mile loop consists of, from the northernmost point counterclockwise, the Marina Parkway sidepath, 62nd Avenue sidepath, Grissom Parkway Trail (entire path), Harrelson Boulevard Trail, Kings Highway sidepath, Ocean Boulevard, Myrtle Beach Boardwalk & Promenade, Beach Drive, and Grande Dunes Boulevard sidepath. The route covers practically the entire city, with over 9 miles along the ocean. The highly scenic and nationally recognized boardwalk (ranked in the top 3 in the U.S. by National Geographic and Travel and Leisure Magazine) accounts for 1.3 miles of this route.


Over 20 million annual visitors, combined with year-round running weather and a scenic, logical, and traffic-separated loop, could make this route a popular destination FKT. There are dozens of hotels and resorts lining the route, making it supremely accessible. The route can be run in either direction and from any start/endpoint along the loop. Fast times along the boardwalk will require early morning or off-season attempts since the boardwalk can get quite crowded with tourists.


This route is almost the same as the City of Myrtle Beach's vision for a bikeway loop around the city. My route deviates from their map twice: 1. My route includes Beach Drive, near the easternmost portion of the loop; this is to keep the loop as close as possible to the ocean and onto a lower traffic road; 2. My route includes the boardwalk and promenade. The Grissom Parkway Trail and Harrelson Boulevard Trail are part of the 3,000 mile East Coast Greenway Trail. 100% of this route is on sidewalks, bikepaths, and boardwalks. The route is approximately 95% paved and 5% wooden boardwalks.


City of Myrtle Beach Bikeway Network "25-mile loop":

City of Myrtle Beach Bike Map & Routes:

East Coast Greenway Map:,33.68021,-78.89171