FKT: Anton Krupicka - Gannett Peak (WY) - 2012-09-18

Route variation
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Finish date
Total time
8h 46m 32s

Below is Krupicka's brief report on his FKT on Gannett. Here's a more detailed report with photos:

"Started from the GRL trailhead at 7:20am yesterday morning and returned at 4:06pm for an 8:46:32 car-to-car time. It took me 4:45:39 to get to the summit (which was actually about 30min longer than I anticipated...boulder hopping takes some time and I forgot to factor in the drop to Scott Lake), I spent 4:20 on the summit taking pics, etc. and left at exactly 4:50. The run down/out took me 3:56:32 then.


Lakeside Trail Junction - 28:35
Green River bridge - 1:28:45
Left trail - 1:44:50
Waded Green - 1:47
Tourist-Wells Divide - 3:09
East end Scott Lake - 3:29
Mirror Glacier - 4:06
Base of summit couloir/leave glacier - 4:14
Summit - 4:45:39
Left Summit - 4:50
base of couloir - 5:14
Tourist-Wells Divide - 6:06
Waded Green - 7:10
Back on trail - 7:12
Green Bridge - 7:24:35
Lakeside trail junction - 8:23
Trailhead - 8:46:32

I ended up not taking any traction or an axe. I could've gotten away with never stepping on snow/ice, but the glacier itself was quite low-angle and had some crunchy firnspiegle-type ice on top, so it wasn't much of an issue traction-wise. I wore LS X Country shoes, shorts, sunglasses and BUFF. Carried a 3oz jacket, glove liners (wore these until I started the climb up Tourist Creek), 12 gels, one 13oz bottle, and a camera (with a photo of the map on it). Perfect set-up. I was happy for the sticky rubber on the endless boulder-hopping (which I actually really enjoy) and the ~1000' of 4th Class-ish slab that I climbed to the summit on the climber's righthand side of the couloir. Descended the scree and talus in the couloir on the way down.

Suffice it to say that--of the over 100 peaks I've summited this summer--I was sufficiently impressed with the landscape and the long approach that this was the first summit register I've signed all summer!"

-- Anton Krupicka