FKT: Anton Krupicka - La Plata Peak (CO) - 2012-06-21

Route variation
Ellingwood Ridge TH-to-TH
Gender category
Finish date
Total time
2h 57m 46s

In a focused effort, on 6/21/2012 I ran up the Ellingwood Ridge to the summit, and down the NW Ridge in 2:57:46. The Ellingwood Ridge is one of the very few technical ridges in the Sawatch Range 14ers, and Roach christens it a "classic" route. Very aesthetic, complex line. Run Report

La Plata Gulch log bridge – 8:00
Start of the talus – 32:40
Grass ridge – 54:00
First rock tower on ridge – 1:01:35
La Plata summit – 2:21:33

Left summit – 2:22:00
NW ridge drop (~12,750′) – 2:33:30
Big square rock – 2:38:30
Last rocks (~11k’) – 2:43:00
La Plata Gulch log bridge – 2:51:25
Road – 2:56:00
Parking Lot – 2:57:46

This was a pretty solid effort, especially the descent. This shows a car-to-car time on the NW Ridge could easily go sub-2hr.

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