FKT: Art Byram, Jordan Grande - Connecticut Traverse via the New England Trail (CT) - 2017-06-10

Gender category
Mixed-gender team
Route variation
Connecticut Only
Finish date
Total time
1d 16h 23m 46s

As planned, Ms. Jordan Leigh Grande and I (Art Byram) ran from the Connecticut Massachusetts border in Rising Corners to the Long Island Sound in Guilford Connecticut thereby establishing the FKT/OKT for the route which has officially become known as the "Connecticut Ultra Traverse" or "CUT112". The rugged terrain, combined with temperatures reaching into the 90s, made this a challenging run for us to complete. We were joined and supported by over 25 members of the Connecticut trail running community, most notably Jay Mitchell who ran the entire Metacomet (minus the annoying road section at the end), North to South thereby joining us in establishing a new directional FKT/OKT for that 58 mile trail as well.

Connecticut does not currently have a 100 mile trail race, however, it now has a formidable course that will no doubt attract adventure seekers looking for a beautiful challenge. Based on the interest generated there are many folks who are looking to run this fantastic point-to-point, symbolic route, and we will likely see more/faster traffic on this route in the future.

Statistics are as follows:
distance: 112 miles based on data gathered from Garmin Fenix 3HR. 114.9 miles after being transferred to Strava
Elevation Gain: 16,722' (Beast Coast)
official time: 40:23:46

After my head clears I will post a write up. additional details may be found on Facebook group: "Connecticut Ultra Traverse (CUT) 112"
Strava details are:
Twitter: #CUT112