FKT: Art Byram - Paugussett Trail (CT) - 2016-07-04

Gender category
Route variation
end-to-end-to-end (out & back)
Finish date
Total time
6h 51m 50s

I ran it last July 4th 2016 in 6:51:50 for 27ish miles E2E2E. This is a very fun and challenging trail and I am sure with very little effort you will smash the time that I did. I ran it on a hot day on tired legs for fun. Good luck on your fastest known time attempt. Here's the link to the Strava for the day although the signal was pretty screwy so the distance is probably off. Elevation showed 5100 feet. I filtered my own water and took my time but had a lot of fun on this solo unsupported run.

After 2 days running power lines it is ironic I randomly chose a blue blaze Trail flirted with power lines. I ran this Trail as part of my overall plan to run every blue-blazed Trail in the state. I was a bit surprised by the amount of elevation as it turned out to be over 5000 feet of gain. I brought a full 2 liters of water Plus lots of Tailwind to mix and stopped at the numerous streams to filter water with my Sawyer Mini filter. I was fortunate that this Trail had lots of water however my hydration needs are so great that I still ended up dehydrated at the end of the day with my kidneys starting to ache in the last mile or so.