FKT: Ashley Mansfield - Quantock Greenway (United Kingdom) - 2020-07-31

Route variation
Standard figure-8
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
7h 27m 40s
GPS track(s)

Knowing I would be unable to resupply during the night I had drop caches at roughly 10 mile intervals. As I would be passing Triscombe twice this would be the perfect place for the 1st cache and the 2nd cache at West Quantockhead.  

The figure of 8 route which began from Fyne Court in Broomfield took me East in a clockwise direction. The majority of this was road which winded up through Cothelstone and West Bagborough, to Triscombe stone and into Kings Wood. Now heading North in the wood in the pitch black navigating the route which disappeared wasn't easy. Eventually looping round West Quantockhead to traverse South passing Bicknoller and Crowcombe.

Back into Triscombe for the final time to take on provisions before the final leg. This section proved the most difficult, feeling quite tired at this stage, having to box around farmers fields and getting the wrong side of the hedge on several occasions meant I had to double back, possibly adding on over an hour to my estimated time. This sectioning unfortunately not well marked if at all.

Such a magical time to attempt a FKT. Sunrise, Sunset, a full moon and plenty of wildlife that you would rarely see during the day. I will definitely attempt more routes during the night.