Route: Quantock Greenway (United Kingdom)

Submitted by ashcman on Sat, 07/25/2020 - 04:28am
United Kingdom
39 mi
Vertical Gain
6,387 ft

The Quantock Greenway is a footpath within the Quantock Hills in Somerset which opened in 2001.The route of the path follows a figure of 8 centred on Triscombe, the northern loop taking in Crowcombe and Holford is 20 miles (31 km), the southern loop to Broomfield is 18 miles (29 km). 

The Quantock Greenway has been conceived as an alternative way to explore this beautiful area, by circumnavigating the hills and taking pressure off the fragile environment on the tops. The route consists of two circular sections, the Southern route and the Northern Route, joined like a figure eight. Both loops offer a challenging day walk, or for the more adventurous the whole route can be accomplished with two overnight stops. The route is well waymarked to make navigation straightforward. It is suggested to start at Fyne Court in Broomfield, but any convenient village on the route with suitable parking can be used.

The Quantock Greenway travels through many different types of landscape, including deciduous and coniferous woodland, private parkland, grazed pasture and cropped fields. Agriculture has shaped the Quantock Hills we know over the last 2,000 years. The mixture of Saxon farmland patterns and boundaries alongside 17th and 18th century parkland creates wonderful views and is of real historic interest.

The Greenway allows you to explore the farmed landscapes and discover intimate Quantock villages with inviting tea rooms, pubs and shops. The route passes through many different villages, where there are facinating historic buildings and sites of interest. The Quantock Hills AONB, like all of our Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, are there to be enjoyed and appreciated, but always with especial concern for the environment and the rural community.

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