FKT: Ashly Winchester - Maryhill Stonehenge (WA) - 2020-01-24

Route variation
Laps in 1 Hour
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Finish date
# Laps
Total time
59m 57s

Couldn't resist this silly little challenge. Jason Hardrath and I ran at the same time but at our own paces. I blasted music and danced while running in 120m circles. We got weird looks and smiles and scowls from other visitors, which made me laugh because we must have looked awfully silly to them running in circles like that. It's surprising how running in such tight little circles wears on you after a while, but it's a fun little challenge that is almost worth doing if you're passing through the area.

A fun idea that Jason had is to add our laps together as an unofficial mixed-gender team record. He ran 127 laps and I ran 90, so our team record would be 217 laps.