Athlete: Ashly Winchester



Fastest Known Times the athlete has set; possibly historical. Check out each route to see its current FKT.

Route Route Variation Style Time Date
Grand Gulch (UT) Kane to Collins Self-supported 10h 18m 39s
John Muir Trail via Whitney Portal (CA) north to south Unsupported 6d 4h 13m 0s
Tinker Knob out and back Unsupported 5h 11m 7s
Big Sur Loop (CA) lollipop loop Unsupported 10h 26m 56s
Mount Perry (CA) up & down Unsupported 2h 43m 8s
Corkscrew Peak (Death Valley NP, CA) up & down Unsupported 2h 34m 26s
Telescope Peak (CA) Telescope & Wildrose from Charcoal Kiln Supported 8h 18m 54s
Bridge Mountain, Red Rock NCA (NV) Up and down Unsupported 5h 0m 47s
Chute n’ Crack Canyons Loop (UT) Standard Loop Unsupported 2h 40m 48s
Tuckup Trail (AZ) point-to-point Unsupported 2d 21h 21m 33s
Brown Mountain Loop (OR) Standard route Unsupported 2h 50m 47s
Smith Rock (OR) Round River, gate-to-gate Unsupported 1h 13m 49s
Mt St Helens (WA) summit-circumnavigation Unsupported 13h 36m 51s
Crater Mountain (WA) Standard route Unsupported 6h 17m 8s
Little Annapurna (WA) Standard route Supported 6h 58m 37s
Abernathy Peak (WA) Standard route Supported 6h 41m 24s
loop Unsupported 3h 50m 52s
Deschutes River Railbed Trail (OR) one way Unsupported 4h 34m 48s
Little Wild Horse - Bell Canyons (UT) Standard loop Unsupported 1h 27m 22s
Bull Valley - Willis Creek Loop (UT) Standard loop Unsupported 3h 9m 0s
Telescope Peak (CA) round trip from Shortys Well Unsupported 12h 46m 11s
Summit Trail (South Warner Wilderness, CA) one way Unsupported 5h 46m 8s
Mt Eddy via Sisson-Callahan National Recreation Trail (CA) out & back Unsupported 4h 28m 58s
Little Wildhorse Lakes Loop (OR) Standard route Unsupported 3h 17m 2s
Gearhart Mountain (OR) up & down Unsupported 2h 44m 40s
Warner Peak (Hart Mountain National Antelope Refuge, OR) up & down Unsupported 2h 30m 18s
Eagle Cap (OR) up & down Unsupported 5h 25m 5s
Mt. McLoughlin Circumnavigation (OR) Circumnavigation Unsupported 8h 39m 12s
Mt. McLoughlin Circumnavigation (OR) Circumnavigation + Summit Self-supported 11h 48m 29s
Bolinas Ridge to Bridge (CA) Standard point-to-point Unsupported 7h 55m 27s
Around Mt Adams (WA) reverse lollipop Supported 22h 16m 28s
Bucks Big Loop (CA) Standard loop Unsupported 4h 16m 3s
East Weaver Campground Loop 5, 6 (CA) Standard route Unsupported 1h 52m 41s
Granite Peak Trail, Trinity Alps Wilderness (CA) up & down Unsupported 3h 1m 28s
Canyon Creek Lakes Trail, Trinity Alps Wilderness (CA) main trail out & back Unsupported 3h 34m 40s
Mt Shasta (CA) Sisson Historic Climbers Route up & down Unsupported 9h 57m 23s
South Yuba River National Recreation Trail (CA) Standard Point-Point Unsupported 4h 49m 51s
Lava Beds National Monument Traverse (CA) Standard Point-Point Self-supported 3h 16m 23s
Feather Falls Loop (CA) Standard Loop Unsupported 1h 33m 19s
Lava Beds National Monument Traverse (CA) Standard Point-Point Self-supported 5h 13m 56s
Bizz Johnson Trail (CA) one way Unsupported 4h 43m 48s
Rainbow Mountain, Red Rock Canyon NCA (NV) any route, car-to-car Unsupported 4h 56m 40s
Mt Wilson, Red Rock Canyon NCA (NV) First Creek Canyon, car-to-car Unsupported 3h 52m 31s
Pinnacles National Park Loop (CA) Standard route Unsupported 3h 3m 58s
Row River Trail (OR) one way Unsupported 2h 58m 46s
Maryhill Stonehenge (WA) Laps in 1 Hour Unsupported 59m 57s
Cottonwood Marble Loop (Death Valley, CA) Standard route Unsupported 7h 53m 58s
Crater Lake Rim High Route (OR) Standard Loop Unsupported 9h 48m 40s
McKenzie River Trail (OR) one way Unsupported 4h 59m 18s
El Capitan (CA) TH-to-TH Unsupported 4h 24m 35s
Lost Coast Trail (CA) Northern section Unsupported 6h 31m 43s
Lost Coast Trail (CA) Complete route Unsupported 18h 18m 36s
Mt Shasta (CA) ascent Unsupported 4h 30m 53s
OC&E Rail Trail (OR) Woods Line Spur (51km) Self-supported 6h 37m 0s
Joshua Tree Traverse (CA) out & back Unsupported 22h 47m 13s
Sonoma County 4 Peaks (CA) Standard route Unsupported 9h 29m 44s
Bay to Ridge Trail (CA) out & back Unsupported 8h 3m 35s