FKT: Ashly Winchester - Sonoma County 4 Peaks (CA) - 2019-01-26

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Standard route
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9h 29m 44s
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A few more photos on Strava.

Wow, what a day! Christopher certainly put together a challenging route with lots of elevation change, beautiful trails and epic views. I was pretty spent by the time I hit the third peak, and when the trail disappeared I was left bush-whacking my way up to the summit. A barbed-wire fence crossed the summit. Signs on the fence claimed "Park Boundary" and "No Trespassing", but there was a trail on the other side. I glanced around and decided to hop the fence to hit the trail on the way down the other side instead of wasting more time cross-countrying. This is definitely against my normal ethics but at the time I was exhausted and just wanted to get down the hill. A locked gate at the bottom of the trail put me back on state property.
I didn't get to the final peak until after nightfall. Coyotes yipped and screamed and turkeys gobbled as I made my ascent. This final hill was extremely muddy and slippery. I was rewarded a nearly 360 degree view of the surrounding cities from the summit. As I slipped and slid my way back down the hill, I found myself in the middle of a heard of cattle. Eyes glowed all around me as I stopped and looked around. "Excuse me ladies, just passing through" I said as I skirted around a cow that was lazily staring at me, chewing her cud. A few more switchbacks led me to the finish. 

I am not sure what happened, but it looks like my GPS watch did not start tracking me until I was already 4 minutes into the run. I started running at 9:51 am, but the GPS shows that I started at 9:55 am and that I was a short way up the trail. I'm hoping that this doesn't disqualify me as I did take a couple of wrong turns along the way, so I certainly made up the distance and then some. I am happy to change the duration of my run to 9:29:44 to make up the time as well.