FKT: Ashly Winchester - Telescope Peak (CA) - 2021-11-27

Route variation
Telescope & Wildrose from Charcoal Kiln
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
8h 18m 54s

I'm currently back in Death Valley and as I was looking up at Telescope Peak I was reminded of this fun day on Telescope and Wildrose!

Jason and I set out to scout some areas from Telescope Peak. We had already had a pretty big week and were planning to use the Telescope trail as a recovery run. We got to the summit and hung out for quite some time. He ran back to the car and drove up the road to me. I was originally planning on hopping in the car, but instead I threw my pack in so I could run down unencumbered – I love running downhill. Once I was back down to the charcoal kilns, I decided to make a run up Wildrose to see the sunset from there. Jason decided to join me and we tagged the summit just after the sun set, making for a dark run back down with a not-very-good headlamp. Jason got back to the car before I did.

I absolutely love this route. The views are incredible, as is the plant life.

I'm submitting this as a female supported FKT instead of a mixed-gender FKT because Jason and I did not finish together.