FKT: Axel Bothur - Chiemsee Umrundung (Germany) - 2021-05-15

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6h 58m 41s
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Running around the Chiemsee, the largest bavarian lake, was an dream that formed last year in the Covid 19 pandemy. Due to injuries, it took until last week that i could put this plan into action.

I was accompanied along the whole run by a runner friend, who runs large distance (100 milers, 24h races, etc.). For me, it was only the second time ever that i ran more than 50 km. 

As a food supply, i had several power bars. However, approx after 35 km, we stopped at restaurant to get a coffee and a cake which was a welcome change to the power bars. Apart from that, i had approx. 2,5 liters of water with me. We did not restock water, but as a motivation boost, we bought coke approx. 5 km before the finish. This gave us the last push to finish.

The weather was nice and sunny, but not too warm with 12 - 15 degree celsius.

 We started in Prien, the largest town at the lake and took the clockwise route. This is really until km 37 when it follows along the Autobahn A8. This is noisy and the worst part of the whole route so you have no reason to stop.

Overall, i had good spirits and good legs and no real low, and so i could finish my longest run distance ever.