Route: Chiemsee Umrundung (Germany)

Submitted by Arthurboxel on Sun, 05/16/2021 - 03:58am
54.17 km
Vertical Gain
176 m

The Chiemsee is the third largest lake in Germany and the largest in Bavaria. Bavarians call it also the "Bavarian Sea" due its size. It is famous for the castle on Herrenchiemsee build by King Ludwig II. and beautiful located close to the Bavarian alps. On sunny days, it provides splendid views on the mountain with blue skies.

The route around the lake is started best in Prien at the harbour that allows easy parking. Prien is also easily reached via train from Munich in less than 1 hour. As it is a roundtrip, you can run or hike it either clock or counterclockwise. Most of the times, the route is close to the lake and perfectly marked with the signs for the bike route.

During its course, there are numerous snack stations and restaurant that allow for quick hydration and fueling, but also for longer breaks with lake view. In summertimes, the the water temperatures can get as high as 25 degree celsius. There are several lake beaches where you can take a refreshing dip in the lake.

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On Thu, Aug 26, 2021 I started at 7:26am. Did not want to break the record but since there were already 2 other slower attempts listed (by Manuel and Axel) this year, I decided to get 2. place on the standard rout, supported.

It took me 4h and 27 minutes and despite it was meant to be a training session, I was kinda glad.

So I submitted my "attempt" and was really annoyed, that it was denied with the comment "only CRs are accepted - no other results will be listed"

I went through the online documentation and found this:

Fastest Times only

Only the fastest time is listed, posted chronologically as they were completed (not submitted), in each Gender category and Style.  There is no “leaderboard”. If you completed a route but came up short of a new FKT, post a comment on the route page letting everyone know what you did. 

Now I'm totally confused: is this a personal decision of the "reviewer"?

Please clarify and either add my time or remove both entries (sorry Manuel and Axel) slower than Florian Neuschwander's!


For those who are interested:

My run:

Was meant to be a fluffy training session. But the pace of 04:45/k was ambitioned and I decided to try keeping that til the end.

So the first 25k went smooth and the track and the nature were really exciting!

But sadly I lost my "water bike support" after 30k and with only 2 Powerbar gel-packs it was supposed to be hard.

The dehydration startet appr. at kilometer 40 and I dropped the pace and slowed down by 30 seconds/k.

The last kilometers right beside the german autobahn were horrible and I didn't even try to push.

But in the end, it was a funny day.

For all who'll be next: remember the parts of the track which are locked to bikes!



Hi Flo, Not sure if this is the correct reasoning but this is what I think happend.

Axel created the entry with his first run on May 21. I aimed at breaking the record and submitted my run in August 21, which listed me as fastest and Axel stayed on the list ast second. 

Flo actually already completed the track earlier, in 2020, however only submitted his run after mine. That's why Axel and myself are listed. That would explain why yours is not recognised, as it wasn't a new record.