FKT: Barret Stanton - AT through Shenandoah National Park (VA) - 2021-04-20

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1d 3h 47m 14s
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The day had perfect temps(40s at night, 60s in the day). Intended on starting at 5, but of course started going NOBO, and was quick to realize my mistake. Restart at 5:04am. Reached Thornton gap 5hrs 33min, and felt great with all the cloud cover saving me from the sun.
Going up Mary's rock is when the sun started to shine, but was well aware of all the springs and water availability down to Swift run gap, so I took advantage and cameled up! Ran pretty conservatively from Pinnacles to Tanners ridge, then picked up the pace from Hazeltop to Swift run gap. Came into Swift run gap at 13 hrs 32min.
With it being 6:30pm, I knew the sun would be setting, and that would slow me down a solid bit. Decided to push a little more to make it over Hightop, where I changed clothes, and regrouped a bit before it got much too dark.
Shit hit the fan somewhere around Ivy Creek, where I was not feeling it. Began having a gross feeling in the stomach, and didnt want to drink. For the rest of the night, I stumbled, shuffled, yelled, and fell asleep roughly 20 times on the trail for 5-10 mins each time. I reeeeaaaalllyy wish I had brought caffeine. I am fool. Sunrise started to show sometime around Jarmans gap.
3 big take aways from this:
1) My mom is the best for picking me up where I told her
2) Bring caffeine if youre running 12+ hrs
3) FUCK the section from McCormicks gap to Rockfish gap!