FKT: Becca Jay - Colorado Fourteeners (CO) - 2020-07-08

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On July 7th starting at 6am I set out to climb as many 14ers as I could in 24hrs. I was able to complete 8 peaks in 18 hours 33 min. I wanted to set/establish a solid women’s time for this as I have only seen the men’s times here on FKT. 

I completed the 8 14ers in 18 hours 33 minutes. I climbed over 17,000 feet and did 50 miles. This was a TEAM effort. I did not do this alone, which makes it even more powerful. Hundreds of people went up and down those mountains with me in solidarity with and honoring Black lives. 

***I would have made 9 summits under 24hrs as I had climbed Sherman and descended and finished in 23:28, but after looking at my GPS the next day we noticed that we turned around just shy of the summit (about 120ft short!). It was dark and we thought we had summited. Devastated that I didn't realize we had turned around too early. 

I followed the standard “14ers” 3,000ft rule of climb/descend for each peak or group. *We used two different altimeters (Gaia App, Suunto) to confirm elevation for accuracy at start and finish of each climb since my Garmin watch doesn’t seem as accurate. I also took a picture at each start/summit/finish as well.

Start: 6:00am

1-Evans (8:09am) 

2-Beirstadt (9:37am) 

End: 10:41

Start: 11:30

3-Torreys (1:10pm) 

4-Grays (1:37pm) 

End: 2:26 pm

Start: 3:50pm

5-Quandary (5:42pm) 

End: 6:37pm

Start: 7:19pm

6-Democrat (9:18pm) 

7-Lincoln (10:33pm) 

8-Bross (11:08pm) 

End: 12:33am

Just short of Sherman by 120ft: