FKT: Becky Grebosky, Julie Wallace - Jack Ash - Sterling Mine Ditch Loop - 2022-01-20

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10h 46m 24s

What a day! This is a loop, so you could really start anywhere.  We chose Armstrong Gulch and went clockwise.  We started and ended in headlamps, piecing together a loop with Sterling Mine Ditch trail, Jack-Ash trail, and a little bit of dirt roads.  There were several places where we had to use our gps apps (and a paper map!) to pick the right direction at intersections.  Twice we screwed up, once accidentally adding on the entire Hidden Creek Loop Trail!  We hit a few stretches of snow, but mostly had a beautiful day with crazy views from Anderson Butte of the Red Buttes and Siskiyous.  We packed in water/gels/snacks but noticed several running creeks (prob will be dry in a few months). Running this in the Spring or Fall would be ideal.

Huge thanks to Siskiyou Upland Trails Assn for completing Phase 1 of the Jack-Ash loop!