FKT: Becky Rogers - Pacific Crest Trail through OR (OR) - 2023-08-08

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Standard route
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16d 4h 44m 11s


D drove me from Medford to 0.5 miles from the OR CA border pct.  Start time was 5:55AM, North bound, Standard Route on the Pacific Crest Trail.


Starting pack weight was around 41 lbs before water.


It was a beautiful morning with ideal temperature and loads of wildflowers.   I hiked to a water source at 12.5 ish miles then took a break to rest my feet and eat a bar.   Pushed on to 20.8 miles from the border and made camp at around 3:30 pm.  I carried a pretty heavy load of water for 4 miles because I am the skipping the faucet.



I left at 6:35 am. Skipped the faucet and walked all the way to a piped spring for water (15+ miles).  I took a break at the spring then proceeded for another 6.5 miles. 



I hiked to a Klum Landing Camp where I escaped the hot sun.  Temps over 90 and one hiker had heat fatigue on the side of the trail coming in.  After resting under a tree for about an hour and eating cold soak, I proceeded to what was 21.2 miles for me, a piped spring.  5 minutes of shoes off and a liter of water to drink, I went for another 9 miles. Stopped for the night at 30 miles in.  It was 9:15 is pm when I arrived.  



I slept in due to a later night and longer push.  My body was giving me a few warning lights so I decided to revert back to the 20-25 mile plan for the day. I rested at the creek beside the Lake Of The Woods Highway then made the long hot climb to a creek.  Decided to call it a night there (21.5 ish miles).  My feet and body needed a break.  



20.9 mile day today.  Felt good but needed to carry 4L of water into a 21 mile dry segment so called it at 5 pm.  I am shooting for 160-170 miles in first 7 days.  



Finished a 21 mile water carry only to be met with Bugs, Blowndowns and Burning heat.  I followed the traditional PCT route which is the non-rim route around crater lake.  This trail is not being maintained much right now.  After 50+ blowdowns I was feeling like a Spartan athlete again haha!  20 ish mile day today.





More blowdowns.  The alternative ridge trail was vacant.  Seemingly no one uses it!  Made it to red cone and filled up my water/took a lunch break before pressing  on for 21 miles to Thielson creek.  Hopefully this is the last long water carry!  I walked by 2 water caches and trail magic today.  That is strictly prohibited from my use.  Tomorrow I’ll carry water 24 miles because I’m not allowed to use a cache.   Today was a 31 miles day.  Looks like I’ll need to get creative with my dinners soon…starting to run out of food.



Woke up at 530am but decided to sleep longer.  My body was tired. Washed some socks and rags in a very cold Thielson Creek.  Out at 7:15 am.  24 Mile water carry today and bugs ALL DAY.  I was aiming for 35 miles but threw in the towel at 29.3 due to my feet just being gone.  The campsite had more bugs than I’ve ever seen in my life.  Even fully dressed in rain gear I was eaten alive.  20-30 got in my tent just by throwing my bag in.  I decided I wouldn’t be leaving my tent tonight.



33.8 miles.  I passed through Willamette Pass.  2 Coors were just sitting in the middle of trail but alas I stepped around them.   This is now the 6 or 7 trail magic I’ve avoided.  I did the last miles in the dark and ended up making a poor choice of a campsite.  Hills are not good with air mattresses! 



Late start after 7.  My goal was 40 miles until I accidentally got turned around and went the wrong way for 3.5 miles.  That little stunt cost me. I decided to take chill.  Clearly I need sleep!  Stopped at 14.5 miles which was my 21.5.  Used some extra time to shoe goo my Brooks as they both have turned to sandals.  



32.78 miles  I decided I want to hike mostly in the daytime so I cut myself off.  I snagged my shoe going through a burn and ripped a hole in it (again).  It took 30 mins trying to Leuko tape/goo it together at 9 pm.  I have no idea if that will hold.  These poor shoes.  I was offered trail magic today by Sisters Mirror Lake but of course I had to politely refuse.



33 miles. Loads of lava rock in heat with a 20 mile water carry…  Good grief I hate lava rock.  It was a frustratingly slow day.  I know I need to make sure I don’t injury myself so I can get the WA 500 mile unsupported FKT finished right after this one.




The morning started out in rain and a strange scene of a hiker running after ingesting trail magic?  The miles went pretty fast.  25 miles in a huge thunderstorm with lightening, hail, and torrential downpours hit.  After 15 mins I found a place to set up my tent.  I felt frozen for over an hour after getting in.  The downpours continued for hours. 



29.2 miles.  Passed by Olallie lake store with it’s sign for sandwiches and beer.  Boo!  I ate my last lunch today.  But I’m under 100 miles!  I decided to stop somewhere in the woods before Timothy lake.  I’ll try to finish up in two more days. 



35 miles.  I camped just outside of the parking area for the highway leading to government camp because I was exhausted and couldn’t hike further. Today I passed by Timothy lake and many campsites I’ve stayed at before. I have just enough food I think to make it to the Bridge of Gods tomorrow. 



60.5 miles.  I hiked overnight to the Bridge of Gods.  At one piped spring I saw the biggest salamander I’ve ever seen in my life.  Nighttime hiking has some perks with the cooler air temps and interesting wildlife.  Rocks on rock are hard to see for my older eyes using a headlamp though.  I think I ingested 5 coffees mixed with UCAN.  I decided to pull an all night hike because of the lack of food.  In total I ate a few protein shakes, a RX bar, a couple Chomp sticks, a few tablespoons of almond butter and UCAN/Coffee.  The last day I Did 10,500 ft of vertical ascent, 14,479 ft of descent.  I am not a huge fan of extremely steep descent on Gorge rock haha!  My feet felt a tad bit sore crossing the Bridge of the Gods to Washington.  Overall I think the most damage to my 44 year old body was caused by the non-sleep aspect of the last day.  High mileage is something I’ve done many time as an ultrarunner.  Sleep deprivation and I don’t get along well.  I finished at 10:40 am on 8/8 groggy but happy overall with the Finest Known Time.