Route: Pacific Crest Trail through OR (OR)

Oregon, US
453 mi

There have been a few reports of times for each of the 3 states through which the PCT passes (CA, OR, WA).  Some PCT thru-hikes/runs might have resulted in faster state times?  What's posted here is what we know for Oregon.

43.8533936, -121.9653216


Hello! On Saturday, August 1st, I'll be attempting to run the Oregon stretch of the PCT, starting at the California border and trying to get to Washington fast enough to set an FKT. I'll be doing this supported style, with my five month old puppy serving as my dutiful crew captain, along with a bit of human help, as well. 

I will be tracking the run through my garmin inreach (and Coros watch), and will share updates over instagram as cell service and trail brain allows.