FKT: Ben Bruno - Wallowa Lake Tour (OR) - 2020-10-17

Route variation
Standard loop
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Total time
7h 33m 25s

Incredible day in an incredible mountain wilderness. With the exception of about 5 miles of post holing (knee deep at times), this was all type 1 fun. This is a spectacular route from the Wild Idaho Endurance Challenge (WIEC): lakes, high passes, great climbs and descents, and plenty of water.  I followed the original WIEC route, which includes a small add on of an extra lake (Mirror Lake) through the Lakes Basin (the distance difference is minimal but it's slightly longer and a bit more climbing with the extra lake).  I started and ended at my cottage, so there is about 12 minutes of extra running that I subtracted from the total time.  I thought it was worth submitting even with the slight difference in route, but also understand if it isn't verified due to that difference.