FKT: Ben Harris - Twin Valley Trail (OH) - 2020-09-05

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3h 45m 43s
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After a marathon I was training for got canceled I decided to go for the single-loop FKT on the TVT. The weather was awesome, coolest morning in months. I loaded up with tailwind and water to go for the unsupported attempt.

I started at Kercher park and went to Germantown first, approaching it clockwise to get the bigger hills out of the way. The rest of Germantown flew by and I was right on target by the time I got to Twin Creek, which I proceeded to run CCW. Unfortunately my legs started to cramp pretty badly on the hills in Twin Creek, slowing me down a bit. Thankfully I had built up a bit of a cushion on the fast road sections, so I was able to bring it home under the target time

Thanks to all who have been running the course and posting great times! I look forward to seeing what others can do on this course.