Route: Twin Valley Trail (OH)

Ohio, US
27.6 mi
Vertical Gain
2,440 ft

This 26-27-mile backpacking trail, the Twin Valley Trail, is 30 minutes from downtown Dayton and has been featured in Backpacker Magazine. Set in the rolling hills of the Twin Valley, the TVT provides a backpacking experience reminiscent of other wilderness trails with beautiful hills, babbling brooks, abundant wildlife, history and small town charm.

The TVT combines the existing network of trails in Germantown and Twin Creek MetroParks with a connection to create a longer, more integrated trail system totaling over 43 miles throughout 2600 acres.


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On 8/7/2020 I attempted the FKT for single loop self supported.  The time to beat or at least I thought the time to beat was Ethan Lucas time of 4h 18min.  I parked at Kercher park and ran the North loop counter clockwise. When I got back to the car I was about 2min 30sec ahead of Ethan's time.  I started to really struggle with the southern loop in counterclockwise direction. I stared to loose my lead and at one point with maybe 5 miles left I was now over 3 minutes behind Ethan.  I rallied and was able to push it the remaining 5 miles. I was able to shed a lot of time on the road section back to the finish.  I gave it everything I had that day and came in under 2min ahead of Ethan's time. I was so elated and happy to know I pushed it so hard and had set the new FKT (or at least that's what I thought at that time). At the finish I immediately started to cramp up and had a very hard time moving. 2 disc golfers were walking by and they gave me a couple of concerned looks, I briefly explained I was okay. They were kind enough to grab my celebratory beer from my cooler and bring it to me in my hobbled condition.  Oh did I enjoy that beer or at least the first half. By the time I got about half way through my drink I started feeling a little better and for some reason got on the FKT website. That's when I saw that the FKT was beaten 5 days earlier by Chris Romie, ughhh.  I went from cloud 9 to straight disappointment. I spent the rest of the day trying to sort through my emotions. On one hand I beat the goal I had set and had to push so hard to get it. On the other hand though I did not get the FKT and really that was the goal.

I finished in 4h 14min 4 sec.

Link to my run, <iframe height='405' width='590' frameborder='0' allowtransparency='true' scrolling='no' src='…;

I’ll be doing the TVT this Sunday weather permitting. This is my first time trying any trail FKT so I’m not thinking I’ll get anywhere near the top. My goal is 7 hrs. I’ve done the whole trail once (over two days) and each individual park a few times over so I’m excited to try it all together.