FKT: Ben Mitchell - South Yuba River National Recreation Trail (CA) - 2020-06-07

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4h 21m 16s

Many photos on Strava.

Kinda disappointed with my overall pace. I'm blaming it on the debris. Really though. I'd scouted sections of the trail and everything I saw looked pretty good. TNF finally cleared their portion of the trail. Unfortunately, BLM has not. From about mi 8.5 to 10.5 (Primitive Camp) there was a lot of debris. Primitive Camp was the worst of it. It looked like a hurricane had come through. I couldn't find the trail. These 2 mi of debris slowed me down a lot. Suboptimal conditions for sure.
Passing people from Edwards to Purden of course slowed me down a bit too.

On the + side, I fueled really well and felt good the whole time! Just typical tightness & soreness of my calves toward the end. Pretty stoked on that. Much better than my Pioneer Tr. I bombed the N Bloomfield Rd descent too. That was fun.