FKT: Ben Nephew - Storm King Round (NY) - 2014-04-21

Route variation
Standard route
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Finish date
Total time
2h 21m 3s

Ben Nephew established the route and initial FKT:

13.3 miles
4570' of climbing

In terms of views per mile, the trails on Storm King Mountain in Cornwall, NY are hard to beat. If you enjoy technical, yet runnable singletrack, these trails may seem as if the rocks were individually placed by hand for your running pleasure. This route covers almost all of the trails on Storm King and North Point, because none of them should be missed. It starts at the Parking area off route 218 and takes the Highland and Stillman trails over the summit of Storm King and Butter Hill all the way down to mountain road. It then returns on Stillman to the Howell Trail, with a detour out to the parking area on 9W on the while blazed trail, because missing that view would be criminal. The route then continues on the Howell up and over North Point to route 218, and then back into the woods on Stillman Spring, over to Storm King on Howell, and back to the parking area on Stillman and Highland. There are a few difficult turns, but the trails are generally marked well. While I recorded 13.3 miles and 4500' of climb on my Garmin, the actual mileage is probably closer to 14.5. If this was a race, it would be an instant classic.