FKT: Ben Rigling - Cadillac Pathway "Double Loop" Trail (MI) - 2021-06-16

Route variation
1 double loop (10 miles)
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
1h 10m 49s

Ran the Cadillac Pathway Double loop fkt. I run these trails a couple times a week and would consider this to be my "hometown" fkt so this was an important one to me. I wanted to wait until I knew I could break the strava segment before submitting this. It would be cool to see someone try to break 1 hour on this course.

No water or food on this attempt

A couple notes on route changes:
Over the last week or two, four reroutes have been put in on this trail. They are all on steep hills with significant sand erosion and either switchback over top or immediately to the side of the original trail. When attempting this fkt, I ran on the original trail (as described on the route for it on this site and which has been known as the "standard" loop for years). These reroutes do not significantly change the trail, but would probably add time.

Editor's note:
Future attempts, please use official trail reroutes.