FKT: Ben Rigling - Cadillac Pathway "Double Loop" Trail (MI) - 2021-07-31

Route variation
2 double loops (20 miles)
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
3h 21m 5s

I knew the two laps option was allowed for any route, so I thought I would try it at my home trail for long run this week. It was a beautiful day to run. It was pretty straight forward, no surprises as I run here a couple times a week. This was completed with the new reroutes added as of this summer. After uploading the activity to garmin connect, I saw the gps had strayed a bit on one of the laps. I added on mileage after to complete a total of 24 miles, which is a distance record for me. I am looking forward to breaking 26.2 soon.

42 oz gatorade, 1 clif bar