FKT: Ben Rigling - Jordan River Pathway (MI) - 2021-06-19

Route variation
Standard loop
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Start date
Finish date
Total time
3h 0m 28s

Ran the Jordan River Pathway CCW for an FKT attempt. Cooler weather in the morning so I was able to pack low water. I thought it would take 20min longer than it did, so I could have gotten away with packing less. No route finding issues, was easy to follow, as expected. Trail was un-mowed for the first couple miles when down by the river, but didn't really slow me down. There was a big group of hikers (~50) going CW when I was about 12-15 miles in, but they were very polite and let me pass by no problem. Good day all in all; I didn't realize until the finish how close I was to breaking 3hrs.

30oz gatorade + 1 clif bar