FKT: Ben Thompson - Skyline Trail, Middlesex Fells (MA) - 2020-04-23

Route variation
Standard route
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Total time
51m 53s
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A lovely rocky and hilly loop. The best.

This has been a five year project. I first started doing some tempo runs and fast efforts on this trail in 2016. Every spring, I try again to get a bit faster! I think my progression was something like: 2016: 58:30, 2017: 56:30 2019: 53:50 2020-March: 52:40 2020-April: 51:53. It's been a fun thing to come back to.

In case anyone wants to give this a shot, I strongly recommend March and April. The winter is too icy and muddy. The fall is too leafy. The summer is too hot. The spring is just right.