Route: Skyline Trail, Middlesex Fells (MA)

Massachusetts, US
7.1 mi

There are two main trails that partly overlap in the Middlesex Fells (

This is the Skyline Trail a 7 mile challenge.

jtumber posted:

I came here to see what the FKT is on my favorite local running route - the Middlesex Fells Skyline Trail! Turns out, there is no thread yet, so I guess I'll make the first post.

I ran the loop today as a part of my long run in 1h37m52s (CCW, starting and ending at S. Border Rd.), but I don't claim this to be as any sort of FKT. My hope is to get the conversation started and see what kind of times other people post (I've seen plenty of you out there running it!). I'll try this loop in isolation in a few weeks, so give me a tough time to beat!

For those unfamiliar with the park/trail:

Middlesex Fells is just north of Boston, with one half on each side of I-93. From the Friends of the Fells website: "The Skyline Trail follows the outer perimeter of the western Fells. There are spectacular views of Boston and the surrounding area. Most of the Skyline trail is in wooded landscape, with several steep ascents to rocky outcrops." The trail reminds me a lot of the Blue Hills Skyline Trail, with less elevation gain and far fewer people (unfortunately the main parking does fill up due to the large dog park there).

The Skyline Trail is ~7 miles (~500 ft. elevation), with several sections comparable to Blue Hills (i.e. technical footing). Don't underestimate this trail because of the elevation gain - it is a constant up-and-down, and the trails are often narrow and winding. Rock-plated shoes highly recommended...I've gotten my fair share of bruises here. If you are unfamiliar with the trail, give it a go at least once before making a serious attempt - there are lots of "hidden" turn-offs and intersections with other trails (again, not too different from Blue Hills). Bring a map!



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