FKT: Ben Thompson - Tripyramid Slide Loop (NH) - 2019-07-24

Route variation
Standard route
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Total time
1h 37m 31s

My dog came in about five seconds faster than me, so I don't know if this actually counts as a fastest known time. 

I moved around some work when I saw that today would be one of the coolest days all summer (mid 40s higher summits forecast). I don't mind the heat too much but Wish hasn't gotten to really release her crazy dog energy for a few weeks... With the suspicion that an FKT was possible, I let her set the pace from the beginning. Up Livermore, I couldn't hope to keep up but still managed some uphill 6:30s. After thirty seconds to drink some water at the stream crossing, the blank slabs on North slide left me showing the way. Back on the obvious trail at the top, we settled into a comfortable but fast ridge run. I descended the south slide scree a little faster than comfortable but I wasn't about to get dropped by a 37 pound furry potato. Below the slide, the trail really opens up and I hopped into the lead, pushing 6 pace on the narrow singletrack. We stopped a couple times to drink from the streams and I submerged myself to cool off. Finally, the inevitable slog out Livermore went by quickly, leaving me panting in the parking lot and the dog wondering why I'm so weak.

Foot work was on point today.