FKT: Benjamin Gilles - Seven Parishes Millennium Circular Walk (United Kingdom) - 2020-06-21

Route variation
Standard Loop
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
1h 42m 25s

Did the 7 Parishes Millennium Circular Walk because it was local, and I know the scenery is very nice. I didn't expect it to be raining cats and dogs (forgot to check the weather the day before) but decided to go ahead anyway. Because some of the terrain goes through fields, it wasn't ideal surface as the mud clings to your shoes like cinderblocks. Also, having missed one of the 7P-signs along the route, I found myself running in a little creek knee deep for about 20 yards before realizing I should be following the path parallel to it. Definitely lost a bit of time there. Other sections were gorgeous open fields where you could go all out, which sort of makes the average time a little more acceptable. But under better (dry) conditions, this time can be bettered by a considerable margin. I may be going at it again at some point as it's very enjoyable overall. Definitely recommended as one of the better routes of this sort of distance. Any questions, let me know.