Route: Seven Parishes Millennium Circular Walk (United Kingdom)

Submitted by Tim Mills on Sat, 05/30/2020 - 01:42pm
United Kingdom
21 km
Vertical Gain
312 m

This walk takes in a total of seven parishes and travels through the countryside of each parish where you can enjoy all types of flora, woodlands, wild life and see places of interest such as Woburn Abbey. It visits Woburn, Eversholt, Ridgmont, Husborne, Crawley, Aspley Guise, Woburn Sands and Aspley Heath.

- Submitted by Tim Mills



Great Pace ... however your route does not match the 7 Parishes Millennium map.  The course starts at the Car park in Woburn whcih would be an extra 1/2/ mile.  Also at Ridgemont, the course goes left along the main street, then right down the hill...not straight over.


Hi Paul, thanks for your comments above. As I'm not very familiar with the surroundings, I'm not even really sure I could pinpoint the junctions you mentioned. As I set out, my plan was to try to stick as best as I could to the gpx file provided on the website. I appreciate you know the place more intimately so I take your word for it.