FKT: Bethany Garretson, Katlin Rhodes - High Peaks Wilderness Traverse (NY) - 2021-05-29

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Total time
10h 12m 27s

Katie Rhodes and I had a grand adventure on this route!

Super fun link up that takes you through some of the coolest places in the High Peaks, then up and over Mount Marcy. 

Friday, 5/28: Katie arrived in Keene Valley and dropped her car at the Garden Parking. 

Saturday, 5/29: Katie and I got dropped off at Corey's road (Had to turn back to Keene to get car keys right before we hit Lake Placid! LOL! Better there than 35 miles later.)

Weather: Was perfect! Sunny and 50/60s after some morning clouds passed.

Took: Running vests, emergency gear, 2000 calories each and 2.5 L of water, had iodine for refill on Opalescent. 

Trail Conditions: Awesome and dryish! Adirondack dry. 

Katie and I joked during the day, that Adirondacks, really stands for, "Roots and rocks."

Saw lots of people in the Lake Colden/Marcy region, but other than that had a very remote day traversing the backcountry.