Athlete: Katlin Rhodes



Fastest Known Times the athlete has set; possibly historical. Check out each route to see its current FKT.

Route Route Variation Style Time Date
Lake George 12ster (NY) winter Self-supported 19h 13m 6s
Bob Marshall Traverse (NY) Standard route Unsupported 13h 7m 11s
Vermont 4000ers (VT) just the peaks Supported 13h 1m 2s
High Peaks Wilderness Traverse (NY) Standard point-to-point Unsupported 10h 12m 27s
Saranac Ultra 6er Challenge (NY) Standard route Self-supported 10h 7m 11s
Bob Marshall Traverse (NY) Winter Standard Route Unsupported 15h 39m 33s
Adirondack 46 High Peaks (NY) thru hike Unsupported 7d 4h 50m 0s
Giant - Dix Traverse (NY) Standard route Unsupported 11h 13m 18s