FKT: Bethany Garretson - Lyon Mountain - 2022-07-04

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1h 27m 59s

I got distracted by a very cute dog, about one mile from the trail register and something happened with my Strava. I was running it off my phone. So, I have submitted time stamps with photos to show that I did Lyon Mountain in 1 hour and 26 minutes. The time stamps are also on the Strava links. Not really sure what happened, but since I don't 100% trust Strava (and have a technology curse on me), I take photos too.

Met lots of nice people on trail. Started time by tagging the register, tagged the fire tower and ended my time at the register. It was at that point I noticed Strava ended early. So I started a new one and stopped it, for time stamps.

Because time stamps don't go down to the second, I would like to add an additional 1 minute 59 seconds to the overall time - making it 1hr 27min 59sec.

Perfect conditions, dry trail. Checked in with FKT holder Cheryl Wiley and she told me about perfect dry conditions. Thanks Cheryl! Such a fun FKT. Saw people hiking up to get in position to have dinner and watch the fireworks.