Route: Lyon Mountain

Submitted by Cheryl Wiley on Mon, 05/30/2022 - 06:09pm
New York, US
5.99 mi
Vertical Gain
1,783 ft

Lyon mountain is a looming giant in the northern reaches of the Adirondack mountains. It is the highest point in Clinton County NY and has two trails up, the old (no longer maintained) and the new trail. Lyon Mountain's rich history and unique trail attract outdoor enthusiasts from all around. This mountain has been home to mining operations, skiing and fire tower observers. Remnants of the old ski lift as well as the old observers cabin can be see around the mountain. The old trail is home to the former ski trails as well as the observers cabin. 

For this FKT, runners/hikers will take the new trail.  Time starts touching the register and ends touching the register. The trail is well marked with red trail markers. The trail is an out and back linear route. It crosses several small brooks with foot bridges. One at the start and another further up the trail. This trail has quite a few switch backs all the way to the top. The trail is integrated with hard pack dirt, rocky sections and rock steps. Once you reach the summit you are rewarded with 360 degree views. The fire tower still stands and is open to the public.


*I was unable to upload any of the pictures I took. I tried to troubleshoot it unsuccessfully. 

GPS Track


May give this a go tomorrow! Impressive time by Jason.

I concur!  Impressive times for this peak!                                                                                                                                                                                                      From 2009-2017 I ran this peak often:  mostly up/down "old trail" or up old/down new.  Their used to be a few of us (local skiers) always trying to see if anyone could RT the mountain in under an hour.  On June 30th, 2014 I accomplished 55 minutes up/down "old trail".