FKT: Bill Briggs - Gore Range Trail (CO) x - 1990-07-14

Route variation
Copper TH - Surprise Lake TH
Gender category
Finish date
Total time
9h 58m 0s

Personal communication from Bill Briggs.  From Cataract Lake to Copper Mountain.


The actual trailhead for the Gore Range Trail is not at Cataract Lake but off of Country Road 1830.  If you start down near Lower Cataract Lake from the northern trailhead on Country Road 1725, unnamed trail but not the surprise lake trail (which would short cut a big chunk of the Gore Range Trail), it is roughly the same distance. 

It is far easier to start from this trailhead off of County Road 1725, as the official terminus on County Road 1830 is a long drive to access with a vehicle.  County Road 1725 on the other hand is just 10-15 minutes outside of Heeney.  How should this be handled going forward for FKT attempts? Start at Cataract/CR1725 as Bill Briggs appears to have done or official terminus/CR1830 or any other thoughts on how to handle this?