FKT: Bill Briggs - Uncompahgre & Wetterhorn (CO) - 2001-07-27

Route variation
Lake City High Five
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Finish date
Total time
13h 0m 0s

As far as we know, this has not been repeated.

Starting at the Uncompahgre trailhead (Nellie Creek) and finishing at the Handies trailhead (Grizzly Gulch), ascend Uncompahgre, Wetterhorn, Redcloud, Sunshine, and Handies Peaks. Open route.

Splits: Nellie Creek to Uncompahgre 1:15, Wetterhorn 2:50, Henson Creek Road 3:40, aid stop at Capitol City 3:55-4:05, Peak13,484 via Lee Smelter Gulch 6:08, Peak 13,691 6:22, Peak 13, 688 6:40, Redcloud 8:00, Sunshine 8:35, Grizzly Gulch trailhead aid stop 9:35-9:50, Handies Peak 11:50, Grizzly Gulch trailhead 13:00