FKT: Brad Lindeberg - Ralston Creek Trail (CO) - 2020-12-26

Route variation
one way
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Total time
1h 41m 23s
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ACQ92059.FIT26.51 KB

Perfect winter day for running. Ran the full length westbound two weeks ago through the snow but missed the turn near the tennis courts near mile 4. Double backed on that one and gained wisdom for today's run. 

Family dropped me off at Gold Spike Park. A short warm up to the start and snapped a picture of the bridge and Ralston Creek Trail sign. Carried my handheld water bottle (diluted Gatorade + one Nuun Energy tablet) and had one Gu at 1 hour in. Surprisingly no traffic interruptions at the street crossings and other trail users gave plenty of space. A bit cold in the beginning and was beginning to overheat at the end. Hardly any ice on the trail and any found was avoidable. Was pushing at the end to see if I could dip below 100 minutes but very pleased with 101 minutes. Family met me at the water treatment facility after I finished for a ride home.

Will plan on running the eastbound (and down) route next month and see if I can break 90 minutes.