FKT: Brenda Gordon, Gina Dempsey - Cushman Six Peaks (WA) - 2022-08-19

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Standard route
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Total time
17h 35m 33s

Started our ascend to Mount Washington summit from Big Creek campground at 3:15 AM. After summitting Mount Washington, we dropped down about 800 feet and began our traverse to Ellinor at 8 AM. We arrived to the Mount Ellinor  Summit at 10 AM then descended to the Rose connector, traversed through Bear Camp, ascended and arrived to the Mount Rose Summit at 12:40 PM. Descended back to the Rose connector and resupplied our water. This is where we stashed 2 gallons of water. Finished traversing the Rose connector, then began bushwhacking, and ascending to Copper Mountain east. There is one exposed scrambling move here. Arrived on Copper East Summit at 4 PM, then traversed and scrambled to Copper West Summit, arriving at 4:35 PM. Descended and bushwhacked to wagon wheel lake, then ascended to the false Cub Peak, traversed and scrambled up to the true Cub Peak Summit, arriving around 6:20 PM. This section took Gina a while to figure out a route that she was comfortable with. We spent more time than anticipated here. Descended and ended at the Staircase parking lot where Gina’s husband surprised us with lots of food and beverages! The bugs were horrible in the afternoon and evening and both of us were covered in bites. We took many breaks, hydrated and ate often. Had minor scratches on our legs from bushwhacking. We had clear skies with amazing views throughout.