Route: Cushman Six Peaks (WA)

Submitted by Mathias Eichler on Tue, 09/22/2020 - 11:46am
Washington, US
23 mi
Vertical Gain
12,000 ft

The Cushman Six
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A Mountain running route connecting six major peaks of the Big Creek/Staircase area of the Olympic Mountains above Lake Cushman by Hoodsport, Washington State.

A route overview:
Start at Big Creek Campground
Run Mt. Ellinor trail to lower trailhead, take gravel road to Mt. Washington trailhead.

Climb Mount Washington
Via regular route. Then Traverse via lower route and

Climb Mount Ellinor
Run down just past upper trailhead of Mt. Ellinor and take connector trail to Bear Camp.
From Bear Camp take connector trail to Mt. Rose summit loop trail.

Climb Mount Rose
Complete summit loop trail and head back to Bear Camp.
Take connector trail past Bear Camp to Bear Gulch.
Bushwhack to Copper Mountain.

Climb Copper Mountain East Peak
Traverse to West Peak.

Climb Copper Mountain West Peak
Head back to Wagonwheel Lake along regular approach of Copper Mountain.
From Wagonwheel Lake head up to Cub Peak

Climb Cub Peak
Take downhill trail park Wagonwheel Lake and 
Finish at Staircase Ranger Station.

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