FKT: Brent Herring - Gore Range Trail (CO) x - 2020-07-12

Route variation
Copper TH - Surprise Lake TH
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Start date
Finish date
Total time
9h 40m 15s
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Parked at the Copper TH and an early rising friend kindly provided a lift to the Surprise Lake TH. I offered, but he didn't want to run with me. Started shortly before 0700. Deadfallapallooza for the first 25 miles or so; think they were placed there to keep me from going out too fast. Dive bombed by mosquitos mistakable for hummingbirds every time I bent over at a stream to refill my water bottles. Mud with the suction of a Dyson seemed to bubble from the ground in odd spots with no potable water nearby. Sporadic bushwhacking on overgrown trails from the northern Black Creek overlook all the way to Slate Creek. Got utterly confused by the No Trespassing signage at the base of Black Creek. The trail seemingly disappears there. Decided I would ford the creek. After a few steps across the creek I looked up stream where low and behold there was a bridge 30 feet upstream right along the No Trespassing property line. Backtracked. Lots of hairy lion scat around Rock Creek. Never saw a lion. Plenty of squawky marmots though. Trail started to open up and flow after North Rock Creek just as the mercury started to rise. More hikers materialized as well. Not sure if some of them had ever seen a trail runner before. One man questioned, "are you coming from the TH?" Yes sir, but I don't think it's the one you seek. Coasted down from the Willow Creek turnoff on familiar terrain adjacent Silverthorne. Tried to take in more water and snacks in anticipation of the big climb to Eccles but my efforts were futile. Still bonked and had to power hike most of it. Mercifully, threatening dark skies appeared over Eccles Pass and blocked out the sun. A gentle rain would have been nice but the clouds opened up over Frisco instead. Kept enough in the tank to bomb down both Eccles Pass to N10mi and Uneva Pass to the Copper TH despite sluggish ascents of each. Slid into the Copper TH in 9:40, besting the Gore Legend and Pioneer Bill Briggs by 18 minutes.