FKT: Brent Herring - Peak 8 (CO) - 2020-10-03

Route variation
up & down from BreckConnect Gondola Station
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Finish date
Total time
1h 28m 12s
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My wife was departing this morning for the weekend for a mountain biking trip leaving me with the kids for the subsequent 36 hours or so. I wanted to squeeze in some close to home steep climbing and hadn't gone up Peak 8 in 4 years so figured I'd give it a hard effort before her departure. Parked in downtown Breck. Warmed up over to the gondola station. Started in front of it at 0805. Ran past the buses and crossed the street over to Mountain Thunder (the tunnel is closed for construction of the parking garage in south lot). Legs felt a little off but cardio felt good. Able to maintain a good jog a little past the Breck facilities area. Mostly power hiked from there. Summited in almost exactly 1 hour at 0905. After descending through the technical, steep portion down to Vista Haus, maintained about a 6:30 pace back to the base of the gondola at 0933.

It's noted that olympian rower Greg Ruckman ran up Peak 8 from the Mountain Thunder base to the summit in 51:06 on 9/10/2013 but he didn't record his descent <;. I think an ascent only should additionally be added as a variation of this FKT, as Ruckman's time is really impressive and this route is commonly completed as a hard ascent with an easier descent. 

Further, it is common for most people to start the run on the west side of the pedestrian tunnel, rather than the gondola station. I propose this route be revised to start there rather than the opposite side of Park Avenue at the Gondola Station. If revised to the west side of the pedestrian tunnel, my RT time is 1:25:23, captured by this Strava segment for the RT from the west side of the tunnel: <;