FKT: Brent Herring - St John Crossing (Virgin Islands) - 2022-04-22

Route variation
out & back
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
53m 39s

Ran the route yesterday (4/21) and discovered it was an FKT so I decided to give it a harder go today. Started at 1330 with a hand scoop into Maho Bay. Took off at a hard, comfortable pace crossing Center Rd in just over 10 min. Cruised through the nat’l park hitting Reef Bay a little over 25 min where I quickly splashed my face. Started feeling the heat on the return ascent. Downed one Cliff gel before topping out again on Center Rd and bombing down to Maho Bay, tapping the water again in 53:39 roundtrip. Dunked myself repeatedly afterward for good measure. HOT.

Recorded FKT on the website is 1:04. From Strava, looks like another guy did it in 53:43 on 1/6/2022. So came in ahead by either measure.