Route: St John Crossing (Virgin Islands)

Virgin Islands, US
6.1 mi

St John is a small island in the U.S. Virgin Islands.  Virgin Islands National Park covers most of the island.  Andy Riddle submitting this route that crosses the center of the island on trails:

The St. John Island Crossing is a 6 mile out and back route that runs through the Virgin Islands National Park from Maho Bay on the north shore to Reef Bay on the south shore. The route follows the Maria Hope Trail up to Centerline road, crosses the road, and then follows the Reef Bay trail down to Reef Bay and returns along the same route. The trail runs through lush jungle with several breathtaking views of the bays along the way.

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Hi all, I will be on the island for 10 days, starting August 13th, 2021. I plan on running this route unsupported, following Andy Riddle's route description and details (hand touching the water on both sides of the island etc...).

Hey hey guys! way to throw down some recent times... I also threw down a low 1 hour time on this in December thinking I had taken out the previous FKT... unfortunately, a couple of actually fast St. John's University kids came down from the bitter cold of Minnie for a beach vacay and slayed the previous FKT. Looks like this kid Lloyd Young was the guy using Lipke's watch and he went 53m 43s on January 6, 2021.…

*I'm just adding this for data integrity on the site.

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"A couple of actually fast St. John's University kids". That gave me a chuckle. Cause you know, the rest of you just aren't actually fast. Beautiful route. Highly recommend it. Looks like the race is January uses a portion of this to link the east and west bays.