FKT: Bri Jaskot - Haleakala (HI) - 2021-11-06

Route variation
ascent from Kanaha Beach
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Start date
Finish date
Total time
7h 32m 13s
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I first heard of Run to the Sun when living on Oahu back in 2010. I attempted this run from Kanahā Beach, in 2018 but stopped a few miles from the summit due to excruciating hip flexor pain. So happy to have been able to complete this outing this go around! Third time charmer. 

Started around 11:45 a.m. in peak heat of the day. But got a full nights sleep and a solid breakfast. I knew it would be hot to me no matter what coming from Reno in November, so I decided to just deal with the heat vs try to beat it. My husband drove the rental car at a snails pace up the mountain and gave me food/water along the way. Got stopped at the entrance to the park for 15-20 minutes due to long line of cars for sunset. Got to see a stunning sunset on the way up to the house of the sun, which was unforgettable. Heat was definitely not a factor as the sun set and I made my way up the final switchbacks above 9k. Very fun, challenging, sea to summit effort!