Route: Haleakala (HI)

Hawaii, US
18.6 mi

The most commonly used route ascends Haleakala (Maui) from the beach near Kaupo via the Kaupo and Sliding Sands trails. It's about 20 miles each way, and ascends 10,023 feet.

Another way starts/ends at Kanaha Beach on the north side of the island.  This route stays on roads, and is 38 miles each way.



Hey everyone! I want to announce my intention to set a new round trip FKT for this route. I will be using support from my crew at the summit, so I will target the supported FKT, however I would like to break the unsupported FKT as well. I will make my attempt on Wednesday, May 2nd starting at the beach in between 5-6AM. I have had a great winter of training and I am very excited about going after this FKT! I will submit my trail report, photos/video, and .gpx data as soon as I can following my attempt. I look forward to any comments, input, or questions :-) I can't wait to do this route!!

Planning on attempting this route tomorrow, October 27th. Not had chance to recee the lower trail hopefully it’s not too overgrown.

I wanted to let you all know I will be attempting the route on 23 MAY.  I will be using the set route that begins at the beach.  Once at the top I will then head down on the road to Kahului and end at the beach there.  I will be supported for this attempt.  It should a total of 55.5 miles.  If successful I think this may be considered as a new FKT route for others to attempt.

This attempt was exciting but it did not go as expected.  The first four miles I was greeted with a torrential downpour.  This was followed by getting lost, losing my phone, finding my phone, and finding the trail for an additional 75 minutes.  I traveled an extra 2 miles and by the time I made it to the summit I was spent as was my support crew.  I think the Ocean to Ocean attempt would still be a great adventure but not for me.  In the end, outside of an amazing time but I can only claim the slowest known time of 10:27.23.  


There will be 2 of us attempting an unsupported run from Kanaha beach park to Haleakala summit on 11/19/21.  

I’ve ran the decent only route last week which established this route.  Unfortunately, decent only routes are not recognized as FKT’s.   

This run is a straight shot from the highest point on Maui to the ocean, on roads.

I like the Kaupo route but it’s not as runnable as this road route.  You are mostly on narrow shoulders up on the mountain, with a ton of shoulder space on the main highway.

It’s about 40 degrees at the summit early in the morning before the sunrise, with tons of wind but not as bad after the first couple miles.  Temps were in the 60’s for most of kula.

After we do the ascent route, we will plan for a round trip early next year.  

happy running!

Kimo Clark