FKT: Brian Donnelly - Pacific Crest Trail through OR (OR) - 2013-08-17

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7d 22h 37m 0s

In August, 2013, Brian Donnelly and Yassine Diboun set out to specifically capture the speed record for 456-mile Oregon section of the PCT. The pair were self-supported, with resupply every 1-2 days at locations that are typically used for this purpose by thru-hikers. Diboun stopped after a couple of days, but Donnelly soldiered on to complete the traverse in 7d22h37m (August 9-17, 2013), well under previous times that were set by PCT thru-hikers, and faster than subsequent supported times. Donnelly posted a detailed report of the run on, and a breakdown of his gear for the trip on his blog.